What is the AI in ESG Investing competition?

Responsible investing is referred to as a "megatrend" in the financial world. Enterprises increasingly build their value on the basis of the idea of the ESG (environmental, social and governance) indicators. Furthermore, investment companies are more and more willing to use ESG scores to manage portfolios.

The effective combination of quantitative methods and non-financial (alternative) data allows for the verification of the suitability of ESG criteria in the investment process.

The AI IN ESG INVESTING is the first competition of this kind in Europe, consisting in building an ESG index based on financial, non-financial and alternative data, as well as assessing the effectiveness of using ESG criteria in the investment process. 

The competition is dedicated to students from Poland and CEE Region (faculties: economics, finance and accounting, quantitative methods, management) and teams from other countries (out of the CEE Region) that would like to join and participate in this initiative. Each team consists of 2 to 4 people. The competition is conducted in English.

AI in ESG Investing. The task

The teams’ task is both to create an ESG index based on financial, non-financial and alternative data and to evaluate the effectiveness of using ESG criteria in the investment process.

1. The data and indicator that are the result of the project relate to the ESG components: environment, social responsibility and corporate governance
2. The uniqueness of the data sets and the proposed approach to the analyses used in the task will be particularly important in the evaluation process
3. The solution should be adapted to the analytical process.

Competition Awards. The best teams

Join our competition and win attractive awards for the best teams! The best three teams will be awarded:
1. The winning team receives 4000 EUR and will be invited to join a dedicated webinar as panelists. In addition, our competition partners are going to offer internships for team members. The best task solution will be awarded with a short publication on Internet.
2. The second place team receives 2000 EUR + an internship offer by our partners
3. The third place team receives 1000 EUR + an internship offer by our partners

How to apply

Register YOUR team. APPLY: office@cfa.com.pl. Our team will contact you after your notification.

We ask you to download rules of the AI IN ESG INVESTING and ESG report (an introduction to ESG). Documents are available in Polish and English.
The Rules and Conditions of Participation (Polish) Download »
The Rules and Conditions of Participation (English) Download »
ESG Report (Introduction in Polish) Download »
ESG Report (Introduction in English) Download »  


Because of COVID-19 pandemic the AI in ESG Investing will be held online. 


Phase 1.

January 19, 2021 — Registration for student teams is open

March 11, 2021 — Deadline for teams' registration (apply: office@cfa.com.pl)

March 12 till April 6, 2021 — Preparing and sending reports

April 6 till April 15, 2021 — Assessment

April 15, 2021 — Winners Announcement


Phase 2.

April 16, 2021 — Handing over of the 2nd task

April 16 till May 14, 2021 — Preparation and sending of the report

May 14 till May 24, 2021 — Assessment

May 24, 2021 — Winners Announcement


The Final

June 7, 2021  Presentations and award ceremony
During The Final, the best 6 teams present their solutions to the evaluation committee.

Check our study support resources for the competition

1. OECD Business and Finance Outlook 2020, Sustainable and Resilient Finance. Check details »
You will find out:
What is ESG, ESG factors, ESG metrics, ESG strategies, Methods and tools to evaluate ESG criteria

2. CFA Institute: guidance and case studies for ESG integration: equities and fixed income. Check details » 
You will find out:
What is ESG, examples of Data sources, ESG Issues, multiple cases

3. Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism Towards Common Metrics and Consistent Reporting of Sustainable Value Creation. Check details »
A very detailed overview of different ESG factors

4. ESG investment opportunities and Risks for Asia (Chapter 5). Check details »
Optimal Portfolio Selection for Environmental, Social, and Governance Investment

5. Overview of the ESG Ratings. Check details »

6. The Construction of Environmental Indicators for Determination of Performance of ESG Indicators to Support Decision-Making of Investors. Check details »

7. How can a passive investor be a responsible investor? Check details »
You will find out:
Examples of ESG indexes construction

8. ESG index construction. Check details »

Other free resources:
1. https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/bitstream/handle/10986/29693/125442-WP-PUBLIC.pdf?sequence=5&isAllowed=y 
2. https://es.allianzgi.com/-/media/allianzgi/eu/spain/documents/sri-seminar/esg-in-equities.pdf 
3. https://www.mdpi.com/1996-1073/13/5/1179 (Modelling the daily returns of the ESG index)

Register YOUR team and and get a TITLE of a best research analyst.

APPLY: office@cfa.com.pl

Please note: Because of preliminaries teams representing Warsaw School of Economics are ask to send their application to office@cfa.com.pl, CC: piotr.czapiewski@sgh.waw.pl. Deadline: November 15, 2020.
Our team will contact you after your notification.


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